International Astrostatistics Association


The IAA Council constitutes the ultimate governing authority of the Association. The Council is elected from the IAA membership and selects officers (president, immediate past-president, five vice Presidents, a secretary, and treasurer) from its body to serve as the executive board of the Council. Organization rules are described in the Bylaws.

The intermim president is Jogesh Babu. Our founder, Joseph Hilbe, passed away during his last mandate. See this document for the 2016 IAA officers and Council members. Members in previous years can be found at old IAA site.

Current Sections include: The Cosmostatistics Initiative (lead by Rafael de Souza), and Solar System Science (lead by Jamie Riggs).

Current Committes include: Outreach & Knowledge Transfer (lead by Roberto Trotta), Developement (lead by Rafael de Souza), Public Relations (lead by Emille Ishida), Membership (lead by Stefano Andreon), Awards (lead by Tanuka Chattopadhyay).