International Astrostatistics Association


Our Solar System is comprised of a multitude of objects in attendance of our Sun. These objects include the eight planets six having natural satellites or moons, the minor planets (such as Pluto, Charon, and Eros), the asteroids, the comets, and an abundance of meteoroids. The Solar System's larger objects have been visited by robotic probes, the Moon being the only off-Earth body trod by humans. Earth-based and space-based observations comprise the majority of the data used by Solar System researchers. The Solar System statistics-related projects IAA members are working include:

Solar dynamics

Sunspot counts and areas by sunspot cycle
Sunspot counts and areas consistency across collection agencies

Planetary geology

Updating recommended crater size-frequency distribution statistical analyses
Crater saturation versus random spatial distribution criteria
Spatial clustering criteria for identifying secondary craters

Planetary cosmogony

Rocky body surface aging
Morphological feature creation and degradation

More information on the Solar System Section is forthcoming.